$LAMBO Farming

Farm yourself a Lambo


About Us

$LAMBO is a hyper-deflationary token that rewards users automatically with more $LAMBO straight to your wallet for simply holding. In other words - hold, sit back, relax and watch your $LAMBO grow!

$LAMBO is 100% fair launched and one of the first farming projects on KCC and the first to implement multi-coin farming. Deposit your favourite KCC based coins and earn $LAMBO. Deposit $LAMBO to earn even more $LAMBO and deposit $LAMBO-KCS LP pair from Kandyswap to earn the most $LAMBO.

$LAMBO platform will include even more farms in the future, with community voting for which coins we should add vaults for next.



Every transaction of LAMBO consists of


To reward holders of the token we redistribute 4% of every transaction to all holders of the token


If we want the token to go up in value we need the liquidity pool to grow as well. This is why 4% of every transaction goes towards liquidity

Pool Replenishment

2% of the tokens are reverted to the Lambo Platform to be used to incentivise pools beyond the initial period.